• What is the difference between Skill Training U and Rival Certification programs?
  Jeremy teaches a FUNCTIONAL curriculum that leads to results ON the court. There will not be any gimmick drills or equipment that look great on video, but have zero relevance to a player, team, or trainer. Additionally Jeremy is a specialist in the field of biomechanics; He shows the coach/trainer the “how and why” each concept or drill is vital to player success on the court.  
  • What is the biggest benefit I will get after being certified by Skill Training U?  
  You will give yourself and the players you train a distinct competitive advantage by learning exactly what the top training organization (Green Room Training) in the world do to improve their player’s basketball skill abilities. Furthermore, top certified attendee’s will have the opportunity to join the 1% CLUB or GRT Team, immediately launching their training business using the brand name and marketing plan.  
  • The price is kind of high.  Why wouldn't I just attend multiple top coaching clinics?  
  At coaching clinics you are rarely provided any information about developing the individual player.  Jeremy is providing 10+ years of player development at all levels into an unmatched syllabus at one cost.  We provide a money back guarantee that this will be the most beneficial clinic you have ever attended.
  • If I have all of Jeremy's Millennium Series DVDs, do I really need to attend the Certification Program?  
  The answer is YES! About 35% of the information in the syllabus is provided in Jeremy's Millennium Series Instructional DVDs.  Jeremy has decided to provide the rest of the his phenomenal curriculum only to trainers that study from him in person.  Therefore, only people that attend Skill Training U will get the rest of the 65% that was only giving out to people that brought Jeremy in for team clinics or consulting purposes.  
  • Does the Syllabus really have that much information?  
  Yes, depending on each clinic, the syllabus will be 26-30 pages in length at 12 font.  It is broken down to every facet of individual training development with appropriate drills.  These sections include hand quickness, dribble mechanics, secondary finishing series, shooting, triple threat, dribble attack, moving without the ball, finishing at the rim, using screens properly, passing, defense, pick and roll development, biomechanics of movement, hip flexor development, and post player development.  Each drill is easy to read and explained clearly.  Click here to see a video of the syllabus before hand.  
  • Do we have to be involved physically on on court demonstrations?  
  Only if you wish to.  In past events, Jeremy always tries to bring real players that have trained under his system to prove to the attendee's how individual improvement can occur at all levels of players.  However, if coaches want to be involved and practice hands on, that is highly welcomed as well.  
  • Can we really watch Skill Training U online?  
  Yes, we are excited to announce you can watch one of our events LIVE or ON DEMAND from your own home. Skill Training U sessions will be webcase Live on All sessions will be recorded and all viewers who register for the leve webcasts will also have one week of "On Demand" access to watch any of the recorded sessions. Please click for more information on how to sign up.  
  • Can we talk to Jeremy Russotti about the certification program before it starts?  
  Absolutely! Jeremy is 100% accessible to all of his colleagues. Please call (707) 849-1212